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If someone were to ask me “What’s your fashion style?” I would probably say plain and comfortable. I wear earrings occasionally and I’ve always worn a ring but that’s it. When it came to my wedding jewellery, I wanted to … Continue reading 

The Name Change

I’ve wanted to write this post for a long time, but I was unsure how to start, and afraid of the backlash, I guess.

When Andrew and I get married, I’ll be taking his last name.

Before anyone tries to take away my feminist card, I understand that the issue of men not having to even think about changing their last name is a huge part in not being truly equal to men,(don’t worry we thought about Andrew changing his name to mine, and even mashing our names together to make the Blurray’s!) but they weren’t for us. Let me explain my reasons for taking his last name:

1. My last name doesn’t make me who I am. People think a name makes them who they are, but that’s untrue. Your experiences, dreams and beliefs make you who you are. Whether I have the last name Bliss or Murray, I’m still going to be the serious and quirky person that I am.

2. Not the biggest deal, especially in today’s society but I love the unity. We will be easily identified as family.

3. My current last name, is actually my father’s last name, so really I’m just trading it from one man’s last name to another.

A generation ago, very few women kept their own names after marriage, and society looked down at those who did. Now, we debate about whether to keep our maiden names or take our husbands’. We have come this far in one generation, who knows maybe my sons will take their wives last name without any passing judgement.

My Life in Books


I got these questions from Sunny Sweet Pea, she’s a UK lifestyle blogger that I love reading! 1. What is the first book you remember reading? I’m sure it wasn’t my first chapter book I read but I remember reading Karen’s … Continue reading